The Pressure Is On: Can Your 95kPa Bag Withstand It?

Richard FountainNews

Clinical laboratory networks around the world ship thousands of clinical specimens every day by air inside the cargo holds of commercial airlines – below the flying public. Historically, IATA and DOT-approved reinforced rigid containers were used to offer protection in the event of loss of cabin pressure, safely containing contents from rupturing into the airplane.

But, rigid containers for specimen air transport are costly – in materials, storage and shipping costs. That’s why the largest clinical laboratory network approached Vonco to create a cost-effective and reliable, flexible packaging solution for air transport. After all, shipping hazardous specimen samples across the country can’t be left to just any container.

The year was 2007, and the success of Vonco’s flexible ground transport bag had proven the company could meet the challenge. Vonco packaging engineer John LaRoi got busy working on the next generation transport bag, but this time for air travel. It would ultimately be called: The 95kPa bag.

Turns out, creating a cost-effective specimen transport bag for air transport isn’t simple. Certainly not one that’s subject to IATA and DOT regulations – or able to maintain a differential pressure of 13.8 psi (or 95kPa). Vonco’s 95kPa bag, designed to keep air travel safe, is robust enough to withstand any – and sudden – air pressure changes, without rupture.

Independently tested to confirm IATA and DOT regulations, the Vonco 95kPa bag features:

  • Passed 2019 independent testing
  • Ability to maintain differential pressure of 13.8 psi (95kPa) consistently
  • A continuous seal that can withstand an almost 100 degree change in temperature
  • A patented, liquid-tight, tamper-evident adhesive closer that maintains product protection
  • Multi-layer film design
  • Available in 4 standard sizes; custom sizes and labels available
  • Made in the USA

Twelve years later, Vonco is still manufacturing their 95kPa flexible specimen transport bag to meet robust IATA and DOT regulations.

WARNING: If your 95kPa bag wasn’t recently tested to comply with the DOT and IATA regulations, your company could be held liable for potential damages should an untested bag carrying a hazardous specimen sample implode while in flight.