Spark Innovation Sessions

Our proven SPARK innovation sessions focus on excellence in design and development through an emphasis on foundational components, including product definition, requirements, key tolerances, proof of concept, documentation, prototyping, compliance, and overall sustainable manufacturability, while overcoming design hurdles and mitigating risks. These sessions often lead into our Roadmap to Commercialization (RTC) services, a comprehensive plan that maps your path from concept to launch.

Meet Vonco’s SPARK Innovation Sessions

A multidisciplinary approach, SPARK innovation sessions include our sales, engineering, quality, regulatory, and operations teams and meet your development team exactly where they are in the concept, design, and development phases for smooth transition through each major phase.

Annually, our team does over 50 of these in-depth sessions to help fuel our consumer and healthcare client’s product launch success. The goal is to spark movement toward the customer’s end goal and business objectives. Often, clients get stuck in various phases and need a little expertise to help get them over a specific design and development hurdle.

Possible SPARK Entry Phases:

  • Concept
  • Soft Tooling & Hand Samples
  • Feasibility Study, Including:
    • User Experience
    • Human Factor
  • Risk Assessment
  • Concept Drawings (3D CAD files)
  • Design or Development Hurdles
  • Material Selection
  • Preliminary Costing
  • Prototyping

As a comprehensive and collaborative solution provider, design for manufacturability (DFM) and our client’s success is always our end goal. Your SPARK innovation session can take place at our facilities or yours, and includes a written findings report with, key takeaways and recommendations for next steps and a timeline for moving forward to commercialization.

Ready to SPARK innovation? Let’s discuss your project.

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“Customers love leaving our facility with hand samples or functional prototypes. They leave excited, energized and feeling like the project or idea is finally something tangible."

Brian Young, Vice President, Technical Engineering

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