It’s time to choose spouted pouches over rigid packaging

More and more brand owners are betting their future on flexible packaging – and they’re winning!

Rigid packaging such as plastic bottles, cups and containers are a popular method of packaging liquid materials. They’re strong, durable, and have been around for years. In fact, many major companies still use them today.

But that’s changing.

When you consider the number of brand owners switching to consumer- friendly and eco-friendly solutions, it’s not difficult to point out the benefits of flexible packaging (such as spouted pouches) over rigid packaging.

Liquid tight pouches:

  • Allow for near total evacuation of the product
  • Are conveniently lighter and more portable
  • Provide impressive shelf impact
  • Use up to 60 percent less plastic than rigid plastic bottles
  • Require approximately 50 percent less energy to produce
  • Praised by retailers and consumers for being easier to store
  • Generate less CO2 emissions during production
  • Produce significantly less landfill waste
  • Require fewer trucks for transportation
  • Improve branding opportunities
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