Vonco’s SPARK Innovation Program Ignites Success for Product Development Teams

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Vonco’s SPARK Innovation Program Ignites Success for Product Development Teams

In the dynamic landscape of product development, navigating through the intricate stages of concept, design, and development can be a formidable challenge. To help our clients overcome design hurdles and mitigate risks, Vonco created the SPARK innovation program. This multidisciplinary initiative leverages our sales, engineering, quality, regulatory, and operations teams to provide invaluable insights and expertise to guide clients through every phase of the development journey.

The Multifaceted SPARK Approach

The SPARK innovation program is a testament to Vonco’s commitment to fostering innovation and success for our consumer and healthcare clients. With over 50 in-depth sessions conducted annually, the program is designed to meet development teams exactly where they are in concept, design, and development, ensuring a seamless transition through each major phase. 

SPARK innovation sessions focus on excellence in design and development through an emphasis on foundational components, including product definition, requirements, key tolerances, proof of concept, documentation, prototyping, compliance, and overall sustainable manufacturability.

The goal of SPARK is clear: to ignite innovation and movement toward the customer’s end goal and business objectives.

Understanding the Challenges

When clients find themselves facing obstacles that hinder progress, our SPARK program can identify these challenges and provide the necessary expertise to overcome design and development hurdles. By addressing and correcting concerns in real-time, the program can be an indispensable asset for clients striving to successfully bring their products to market.

“Customers love leaving our facility with hand samples or functional prototypes. They leave excited, energized and feeling like the project or idea is finally something tangible.”



Possible SPARK Entry Phases

The SPARK program’s flexibility is one of its defining features. Adapting to the specific needs of development teams, entry phases can include:

  • Concept
  • Soft Tooling & Hand Samples
  • Feasibility Study, including:
    • User Experience
    • Human Factor
  • Risk Assessment
  • Concept Drawings (3D CAD files)
  • Design or Development Hurdles
  • Material Selection
  • Preliminary Costing
  • Prototyping

These phases reflect the holistic and meticulous approach we take to address every aspect of product development, ensuring a well-rounded and successful outcome.

Comprehensive Collaboration

The SPARK innovation program goes beyond traditional consulting solutions by offering a comprehensive and collaborative experience in real-time. Sessions typically take place at our state-of-the-art facilities, but it’s not uncommon for us to visit a client’s location. In either case, our objective is to create flexible workflows, personalized experiences, and collaborative efforts where ideas flourish and solutions are crafted with precision.

Deliverables and Moving Forward

At the heart of every SPARK program is our commitment to client success. Each session concludes with a detailed written findings report, encompassing key takeaways and recommendations for the next steps. This report also includes a timeline for moving forward to commercialization, providing a clear roadmap to success.

Many SPARK innovation sessions transition into our Roadmap to Commercialization (RTC) services, a comprehensive plan that maps a client’s path from concept to launch. This strategic approach ensures that the momentum gained during SPARK sessions is sustained, guiding clients through the intricacies of commercialization with clarity and precision.


The SPARK innovation program stands alone as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. By seamlessly integrating sales, engineering, quality, regulatory, and operations teams, we ensure that development teams receive the support they need at every stage of the process. With a focus on overcoming hurdles, fostering creativity, and driving success, the SPARK program is a transformative force to guide clients toward the realization of their product launch goals and business objectives.