Medical Device Company Partners with Vonco to Develop Custom Fluid Collection Bag

Richard FountainCase Studies

With extensive experience in contract manufacturing of fluid bladders and single-use pouches, Vonco Products was selected to collaborate with a large medical device OEM in the development of a customized urine collection bag to be used in healthcare facilities. Find out what went into developing this custom medical device, which was successfully manufactured to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers.

THE CLIENT A large medical device OEM.

THE CHALLENGE Having a durable, leak proof, accurate and functional collection device is vital when medical decisions and treatment efficacy is often based on the bag’s performance. The OEM demanded a team with a proven history in serving as a reliable manufacturing partner in producing products using best practices and processes based on ISO 13485.

THE SOLUTION Vonco was able to guide the OEM in their consideration of materials and sourcing of attachment fittings (such as ports) that were vital to the performance of the device. Additionally, the product engineering team assisted in finding custom printing solutions for decoration of the bag, which included fill markings and other important user information.

THE RESULTS Genesis worked with the OEM to manufacture a quality product that is effective in meeting the needs of patients and healthcare providers. Vonco also was able to kit the bag and device per the OEM’s requirements, thereby ensuring the system works seamlessly for the end users. Additionally, the team tailored the bag design to complement and work with a related device already on the market, which was extremely important to the OEM.