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Contract Manufacturing

Vonco is a contract manufacturer of liquid tight medical fluid bags, devices, and device covers for custom medical device applications. We provide fast custom design for the ‘craziest’ of bags with unique shapes, fitment insertions and features, in unsupported or laminated films. With more than 60 years of experience, we have the flexibility to design and develop your bags in a fraction of the time to increase speed-to-market, lower costs and improve returns on investment.

  • Design Scopings
  • Drawings and Specification Development
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • R&D Reports
  • Prototyping
  • Small Hand Sample runs
  • Quoting
  • Product Roadmaps to Commercialization
  • Validation Reporting
  • Lab or Manufacturing Trials and Scale Up
  • Assembly
  • White or Clean Room
  • Supply Chain Management

We have a full range of account, engineering and technical service resources to support every aspect of your project.

Services include product design, prototyping, tooling and assembly line production, acquisition of materials, testing, product certifications, and complete supply chain management.

These features and many more make Vonco a premiere contract manufacturer.

Sterile Barrier Pouches

Medical grade sterile barrier pouches provide superior protection and outstanding resistance to microbial penetration to maintain sterility of your devices.

Contract Manufacturing

Expanded capabilities: medical device and cable assemblies, programming, sterilization, distribution.

Biohazard 95kPa Bags

Invented by Vonco, this US made 95kPa biohazard transport bag was first designed to replace rigid containers while passing DOT and IATA regulations. See, feel, test the difference!


Protect your staff and yourself from infection. Gowns, gloves, shoe covers, stand-up spouted pouches for hand sanitizer – Order Today!


Designed for critical liquid containment, our dialysis bags provide efficient and dependable fluid delivery. Bag designs incorporate various sizes and fitments ranging from valves, tubes and filling/drainage ports.


Designed for efficient and dependable fluid collection, our unlimited shapes, soft and quiet films, provide comfortable and discreet drainage. Bag designs incorporate various fitments ranging from valves, tubes and filling/drainage ports.


Seamless, closed-loop enteral feeding solution that combines a spill-proof pouch, direct connect device, tube and nutritious food options in one complete feeding system.

IV Bag

Non-PVC single or multilayer laminated polyolefin bags are designed for superior performance in the packing of medical solutions. Transparent, flexible, light and impact resistant, these bags have low interaction with drugs and solutions.

Medical Device Covers

Form-fitting infection prevention device and equipment covers that eliminate baggy fit, extra noise and sharp edges.


Liquid tight breastmilk bags feature shapes, fitments, and unsupported or multilayer laminated films. Quiet films with soft edges will improve user experiences.


Designed to be discreet, reliable and comfortable, our soft, cloth-like comfort material is skin-friendly, flexible and quiet. The durable pouch moves with the body and rests softly against the skin.


Where low extractables are essential, our liquid tight bags feature shapes and precision fitment insertions designed for exacting filling and dispensing reagent applications.