COVID-19 Personal Protection Equipment

“With the country battling COVID-19, we quickly adapted to meet the critical needs of first responders, nurses, doctors, and scientists working on cures and vaccines, all of whom are the true heroes during this pandemic” – Keith Smith


Vonco launched new products to meet the COVID-19 demand, including hand sanitizer in stand-up spouted pouches and PPEs, such as isolation gowns and gloves. These, in addition to Vonco’s standard infection prevention products, position the company as a leader in the fight against COVID-19.

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Soft, disposable, durable polyolefin mitten protects against fluids, waste or debris. Ideal for food service and preparation, material handling, cleanup, or pumping gas.



Disposable one-piece, blue gowns ideal for protection against fluids, waste or debris. Ties snuggly in the back. One-size-fits-all.


Hand Sanitizer

Make your hand sanitizer brand stand out with flexible, leak-proof, mess-free stand-up pouches.