Contract Manufacturing Flexible Packaging Partners

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Are you considering lightweight options for your rigid packaging and researching contract manufacturing flexible packaging partners?

Vonco Products assists clients to design, build and produce innovative, high-quality flexible packaging – from concept to commercialization – as quickly as possible. Our highly versatile manufacturing infrastructure accelerates innovation, overcomes challenges, and helps your brand stand out. 

Contract Manufacturing Flexible Packaging Partners Deliver Expertise

As a flexible packaging leader with a wide range of sustainable packaging solutions, demanding industries trust Vonco to deliver expertise and resources that produce exceptional speed to market. 

Industries We Serve:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Home
  • Personal Care
  • Pet
  • Lawn
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Healthcare 
  • Industrial
  • Specialty & More 

Featured In-Demand Flexible Packaging Solutions:

  • Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Pouch Options
  • Spouted Stand Up Pouches
  • Barrier Pouches
  • Foil Pouches
  • Zipper Pouches
  • Rapid Prototyping 
  • SPARK Innovation Services 
  • Road Maps to Commercialization 

Overwhelmed by all the options and need to narrow down the possibilities? Let us help. 

Considerations When Researching Top Flexible Packaging Companies 

When researching a new contract manufacturing partner, within the packaging industry, doing your homework is important. Determine the most important characteristics of a good partner for your company. Thoughtfully plan out your questions to vet out potential partners. A facility visit is always helpful too. You don’t need just another supplier; you need a trusted partner who won’t let you down and wants to build a long-lasting strategic partnership.

Offerings and Capabilities: Don’t just take their website listing of offerings and capabilities at face value. Directly ask about their strengths and weaknesses. What is their niche expertise? What sets them apart from their competitors? Make sure you get a comprehensive list of their capabilities. 

Brands and Industries: Who are their current customers? What industries do they serve? You should make sure they are working with brands like yours. Do they have testimonials, case studies and white papers? A company worth your time and money should want to show you examples of their work and successes. 

Raw Materials: What types of films/materials do they work with and what type of flexible packaging can they create? Packaging integrity and functionality matter. Do they have food-grade films? Medical-grade films? Sterile barrier films? PCR films? Do they have engineers that specialize in material selection guidance?

Quality Assurance & Affiliations: Do they have a defined quality system? What methodologies do they utilize? How do they monitor? Do they have industry appropriate certifications? Are they affiliated with leading industry associations? Are they FDA registered? Do they have certified clean rooms? 

Average Lead Times: What are their typical lead times? How do they track performance? How do they forecast to ensure raw material availability? 

Order Minimum: Do they have order minimums or volume discounts? Do they take blanket purchase orders? 

Printing Methods: What options are available for package printing or decoration? Are they using traditional methods only? How are they going to help your brand stand out?

Innovative Packaging Features: Do they offer innovative packaging features such as hang holes, tamper evident seals, child-resistant zippers, interactive instructions (QR codes), RFID technology, or other specialty features? 

Value Add Services: Does the potential partner offer value adds such as supply chain management, filling, assembly, sub-assembly, kitting, sterilization services, logistics, and more? 

Customer Service and Responsiveness: What is their customer service experience like? Will you have a dedicated customer service representative? What is their typical response time to phone calls and emails?

Partnership Mindset: Do they have a partnership mindset and a desire to build a long-lasting relationship or are they just another vendor looking for just another job?

It is highly important to select a flexible packaging contract manufacturing partner that can consistently deliver high quality packaging on time and within specifications. 

At Vonco, we’re committed to providing risk-free sustainable packaging solutions while helping you overcome all of your packaging hurdles. With over 60 years of experience, we have the expertise to deliver time and time again for healthcare and consumer clients.

Contact us today. We’d love to chat about how we can best support your unique brand.