Are you risking airline passenger safety with your 95kPa specimen transport bags?

Richard FountainNews

If yours isn’t a Vonco 95kPa bag, you are.

Not all 95kPa specimen transport bags are created equal – or are tested to pass government standards.

Thousands of potentially hazardous specimen samples are transported every day by ground and air. When by air, 95kPa bags – with their biohazard contents – share space with cargo and luggage, often on commercial passenger airlines.

For air travel to remain safe, these bags must be robust enough to withstand any – and sudden – air pressure changes, without rupture. To do so, the 95kPa bag must comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. When they don’t, the 95kPa bag is putting the public and companies at risk.

Was your 95kPa bag recently tested to comply?

Likely not.

The difference is easily felt when you handle a Vonco Products 95kPa bag. As the first to design the 95kPa bag (2007), and the first to be independently tested by a third party for compliance with IATA and DOT standards, Vonco’s 95kPa bag features:

  • Passed 2019 independent testing
  • Ability to maintain differential pressure of 13.8 psi (or 95kPa) consistently
  • A continuous seal that can withstand an almost 100 degree change in temperature
  • A patented, liquid-tight, tamper-evident adhesive closer that maintains product protection
  • Multi-layer film design
  • Available in 4 standard sizes; custom sizes and labels available
  • Made in the USA

WARNING: If your 95kPa bag wasn’t recently tested to comply with the DOT and IATA regulations, your company could be held liable for potential damages!