5 Hot Topics for 2024

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2024 is looking bright for many industries, including medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, and personal care.

Strategic outsourcing remains important as markets evolve and ever-narrowing margins continue. Contract manufacturing partners with design, development, production, and packaging expertise continue to be key in helping manufacturers remain innovative and competitive.

Below are the five hot topics Vonco Products is seeing for 2024.

5 Contract Manufacturing and Flexible Packaging Hot Topics for 2024

Single-Use Bioprocessing Bags for Cell & Gene Therapy

The industry’s top scientists and design and development teams continue to explore efficiencies across all phases of biopharmaceutical development and production, including single-use bioprocessing bags for cell and gene therapies. 

Looking to accelerate your promising biologics towards commercial success, and stay at the forefront of innovation? Vonco can assist. We are well-versed in custom 2D and 3D fluid bags to support bioprocessing operations for biologics, cell, and gene therapies.

Post-Consumer Recycled Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a focal point within many key industries, as OEMs review environmental impact, manufacturing processes, and end-of-life considerations for their product lines. Many brands are actively exploring eco-friendly packaging options that are safe, while still providing excellent barrier properties and great shelf appeal.

Vonco offers a wide variety of sustainable packaging options for demanding industries including food and beverage, pet, lawn, home, personal care, industrial, and more. Post-consumer recycled (PCR) pouches are one promising solution gaining traction.

Convenience and On-the-Go Products

Convenience and on-the-go products continue to increase in popularity. Vonco announced FDA clearance for its EnteraLoc Flow as an over-the-counter (OTC) direct-connect feeding solution for enteral patients late last year.

Each year, more than 1 million patients in the United States are placed on feeding tubes to sustain life and/or improve healing. By offering EnteraLoc Flow as an OTC feeding solution, enterally fed individuals and their caregivers will be able to purchase it without a prescription – an important step in the fight to improve the health, mobility, and lifestyle of enteral patients by providing superior options for nutritional formulations and methods of delivery. 

Proper nutrition can be lifesaving to enteral patients, and we are proud to be a part of an OTC solution that will help physicians and caregivers deliver better enteral care.

Evolving High Barrier Foil Packaging

High barrier foil packaging is the perfect solution for preserving and protecting various products that are sensitive to light, moisture, oxygen, and other gases.

Vonco foil pouches, bags and roll stock are well-suited for medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, personal care products and other sensitive applications. Our foil pouches feature strong weld sealing characteristics, are puncture resistant, provide extended shelf-life and can withstand sterilization, transport, storage, and use.

Whether you need a unique breathable barrier pouch featuring DuPontTM Tyvek®, or a complete high barrier foil pouch or bag, Vonco’s team of engineers has your solution, from concept to commercialization. Ask about our foil alternatives too!

Streamlining the Roadmap to Commercialization

Product launch hurdles are never fun. From start-ups to seasoned OEMs, design engineers and project managers are continuing to look for ways to streamline the launch process. 

Vonco’s Roadmap to Commercialization (RTC) mitigates risks and outlines an achievable plan for validation, quality management, supply chain management, compliance, regulatory support, labeling, packaging, sterilization, and overall manufacturability.

RTC is an all-encompassing strategic solution for product launch success, from initial concept to commercialization, and bridges the gap for medical device OEMs, innovators, and entrepreneurs across the globe through a proven a product development process with a focus on excellence in design and development with an emphasis on foundational components.

Collaborative Partnerships Remain Key

As an industry leader within radio frequency (RF) welding, contract manufacturing and sustainable flexible packaging solutions, we know collaborative partnerships are key to fueling innovation and bridging the gap from concept to commercialization quickly, safely, and effectively. We stand ready with sustainable solutions to meet your organizational goals.

Curious to learn more about these 2024 hot topics or discuss your latest project? Stop by booth #320 at CosmoProf or booth #2294 at MD&M West and chat sustainable design, development, manufacturing, and packaging solutions with the Vonco team!