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Creating value. Reducing risk.

Flex-Pak has a long history of creating value and reducing risk by providing healthcare and consumer customers with specialty, flexible barrier packaging and medical grade sterile barrier pouch solutions.

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A Vonco Products, LLC Company

Services include:

  • Medical Packaging
  • Standup Spouted Pouches 
  • Consumer & Retail Packaging
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Custom Packaging

FLEX-PAK Capabilities

Flex-Pak offers custom-made pouches, back seam bags, flexographic printing, and plain and printed rollstock. Additional products and services offered include fitment installation, toll printing and pouching, unique manual operations, and custom package design assistance.



Make your brand stand out with flexible stand-up pouches. There are many features that can be added to a basic pouch.

Back Seam Bags


Typically used for snack foods, this bag features a heat-sealed seam in the center of the back side. Hang holes are often punched into the top seal for products sold in retail.



If you have your own form/fill/seal packaging equipment, we can furnish barrier material in roll form, at the width and roll diameter that is required to fit your machinery.

Materials Offered

  • DuPont™ Tyvek®
  • Foil Laminates
  • Polyester Laminates
  • Metalized Polyester Laminates
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon Laminates
  • Paper Polyethylene Foil Laminates
  • Peelable Materials
  • Specialty Films by Request

Medical Packaging

Many pouches made for the health care industry are made with medical grade DuPont™ Tyvek® material on one side and a clear laminate on the other. These specialty pouches, often referred to as chevron pouches, are used for products which are sterilized, and the two sides are peeled apart to open the package. Foil laminates are also often used by medical customers for the highest level of barrier protection available.

Whether you need pouches for testing and validation, are starting a new project, or simply require pouches to help cover inventory, we can help you meet your goals with our DuPont™ Tyvek® pouches. Available in various sizes.

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Consumer & Retail Packaging

Most packaging for consumer and retail (food) products must have barrier qualities that keep the contents fresh for an extended period of time. The two most common barrier requirements are for water vapor and oxygen. Different food products will have different barrier requirements. 

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VONCO Expanded Capabilities

Vonco is an industry-leading risk-free turnkey contract manufacturer of medical devices and fluid bags, biohazard and specimen transport, infection protection and PPEs, and clean room assembly, packaging, sterilization management, and distribution.

Contract Manufacturing

Vonco is your source for risk-free turnkey manufacturing, including raw material acquisition and management, production requirements to meet current product demands, and future growth management of gamma and EO sterilization processing and sterilization validations.

Services include:

  • Fast Custom Development
  • Registered Clean Room
  • Assembly 
  • And now Tyvek® sterile barrier packaging
  • Sterilization
  • Kitting
  • Distribution

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Standup Spouted Pouches

Make your brand stand out with flexible stand-up pouches. Spouted pouches (fitment pouches) come in a wide variety of convenient spouts and fitments. Convenient, clean, lightweight and easy-to-use, spouted pouches provide a guaranteed 100% leak-proof, mess-free, liquid dispensing experience for the on-the-go consumer.

Key features include:

  • 100% spill and leak-proof guarantee
  • Near total evacuation allowance
  • Direct attached spout
  • Reclosable, easy flow spout for storage
  • Various Cap Options
  • Custom pouch shapes
  • Multiple sizes
  • Eight-color flexographic printing
  • Folded gusset or inserted gussets
  • Fully branded, printed
  • Low cost to manufacture

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