Direct-Connect Closed Enteral Nutrition Delivery System

The Power to Nourish

Enteral Feeding System

Vonco is excited to offer the first seamless, closed-loop enteral feeding solution that combines a spill-proof pouch, direct connect device, tube and nutritious food options in one complete feeding system. No matter the patient dining preference, this enteral solution can be tailored to meet almost every dietary requirement.

  • Shelf-stable, thermally processed foods
  • Spouted pouch and direct connect device fits into a feeding tube
  • Enables proper nutrition administration and decreased waste
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Features and Capabilities

  • Spill and leak-proof
  • Direct attached, secure direct connect spout
  • Reclosable, easy flow spout for storage
  • Precision squeeze valve
  • Tamper-evident screw on cap
  • Custom pouch shapes
  • Fully branded, printed
  • Hot and cold fill capable
  • High pressure processing
  • Aseptic (retort) packaging materials
  • Easy to use
  • Gravity, squeeze, or pump delivery
  • Choke proof cap
  • Multiple sizes
  • Automated filling
  • Low cost to manufacture
  • Blendarized food
  • Hang hole
  • pH Range of x-y
  • Meets FDA/CE/safety/ISO standards


Vonco’s enteral solution features a spouted pouch and ENFit connector that directly fits into a feeding tube. It’s also available with an EN+ connector that accommodates enteral feed pumps. Both provide enteral patients with an optimal feeding experience that promotes superior nutritional intake and improved patient outcomes.

Rapid Commercialization Process

Turnkey Contract Manufacturing

Vonco’s customized, turnkey Direct-Connect Closed Enteral Nutrition Delivery System reduces the complexity and cost of sourcing, manufacturing and distributing enteral feeding solutions. It also maximizes margins and minimizes risk by reducing waste and spoilage with guaranteed leak-proof packaging. Customized turnkey solutions include preferred formulations, packaging, filling/retort, shipping and associated enteral feeding technology combined to deliver nutritious, convenient, easy-to-use solutions for patients.

Each turnkey system is easily interchangeable (spout and filling) and can be fully customized, including pouch shapes, sizes, hang holes and spout types and locations. Additional full color printing allows for complete branding and nutritional information.

Vonco’s turnkey services include product design, prototyping, tooling and assembly line production, acquisition of materials, testing, product certifications, and complete supply chain management through filling.

These features and many more make Vonco a premiere Turnkey Contract Manufacturer.

Custom Spouted Pouch

Spouted pouches (also known as fitment pouches) are becoming more prevalent in healthcare due to advances in liquid tight packaging and the availability of an increasingly wide variety of convenient spouts and fitments. Many products once limited to rigid packaging are now excellent candidates for spouted pouches.

Vonco can take your brand from rigid to liquid tight custom pouches. Our fast-custom development will support your spouted pouch with:

  • Doyen and K-Seal styles
  • Folded gusset or inserted gussets
  • 2-side seal with folded bottom
  • Center and corner spout insertions
  • 50ML-1,000ML options
  • Hang holes
  • Rounded corners

Printed 8 color line or process with registered matte finish

Direct Connect ENFit/EN + Spout

Vonco’s enteral feeding system comes ready-to-use out of the box. Simply select the preferred meal and attach the direct connect device to the feeding tube. That’s it.

Spout Insertion

Vonco produces spouted pouches from start to finish, without outsourcing important stages of the project such as spout insertion. Our equipment can accurately insert spouts into flexible pouches which helps us achieve fast turnaround. Spouts can be inserted to a pouch’s top or corner locations.

Lab Line Filling

Most clients require certification before committing formulations to commercial production. Vonco provides small batch testing in a sterile lab environment to determine whether additional work – from complete overhauls to minor tweaking – is required. Or, Vonco can drop lab filling equipment at your facility. The goal is to make this process efficient, effective, and at the lowest cost possible.

Commercial Filling

Our commercial filling equipment and processes give us the flexibility to package retort foods in a format that meets our customers’ specifications. From small batches to large production runs, our linear fillers can automatically dose, fill and cap 50MM-1,000ML pouches.

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ENFit is a federally registered trademark of GEDSA in multiple jurisdictions throughout the world. Used with permission.


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